2018 Lift Foil Assembly
2018 Lift Foil Assembly
2018 Lift Foil Assembly
2018 Lift Foil Assembly
2018 Lift Foil Assembly

2018 Lift Foil Assembly

$1,800.00 CAD

Already have a board?  Then simply select a Lift Foil Assembly from the options above! 

The Strut:

Built with sleek geometry, excellent rigidity, and a very strong construction for a smooth and controlled ride. Lean it over and push your hardest, the flow around the strut will hold and keep you stable through the water.

Lift struts are built with the highest quality carbon fiber in a unique process that is not found anywhere else in the foil market. The connection points to the board and fuselage are 100% forged carbon with stainless steel inserts embedded into the construction.

36” strut is the standard recommended kiteboarding length. The longer length allows a little more stability when foiling, and helps to keep the wings in the water in variable conditions and angles.  

32” strut offers a slightly different ride. The shorter length makes it easier for a rider to maneuver the foil in the water, position the board and when up on foil, it will deliver a quicker response and more carving abilities. This is a good smaller option for kitesurfing.

28” strut is the perfect weapon for surfing on your foil, whether you are laying down or stand up paddling. For surfing, we alter the angle of the connections to compensate for the tail rocker in your board. This helps to create a positive Lift when catching the wave.

The Wing:

The new 2018 one Piece design is a refined foil wing, available in 4 different sizes. Personal racing foils have been built this way for several years due to superior strength and performance. This design and construction is a signature piece that celebrates Lift's experience in the business.

The construction is pre-preg carbon and kevlar; lots of it! You will not find a tougher, stronger and more refined design on the market. This design comes in 4 sizes that cover every foiling need; kiting, surfing and electric propulsion.

The 150… Perfect for Lifting at slower speeds and heavier loads. This is the foil of choice for majority of surfing and SUP foiling. It allows plenty of lift, but has a sleek design that will not slow you down. You can feel its smooth construction when you carve a big cutback in the waves.

The 130… Offered as a larger size for kitesurfing, it produces plenty of Lift and stability at lower speeds. With its rigid constriction and smooth transitions, you can push it to the limit and feel control. This is a good choice for kitesurfer's that are over 200 lbs. or those that are looking for more stability. This is also a great option for surfing and SUP in waves that are waist to head high. The wings will maintain you in good control at higher speeds.

The 110…. This is the “bread and butter” for kitesurfing. With its new construction and connections, it's the best foil Lift has produced. It can handle anything that you are looking for behind a kite. It also serves as an advanced surfing foil for lighter people and faster waves. 

The 90 race… Looking to go even faster? Of course, we have what you need. We like to race so naturally, we have a racing foil that you'll love. This is an advanced set of wings built to order. Please contact us if you are looking to get to that “next level” of riding.